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Quality, not Quantity


As a professional planning and design firm with design quality as its core value orientation, we carefully planned, considered and monitored each project to achieve the quality policy that we have consistently supported.

作为一家将设计品质作为核心价值取向的专业规划与设计公司, 每个项目都会经过仔细的计划,考虑和监督从而达到我们一贯支持的质量方针。

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of living environment. Our company adheres to the people-oriented design concept, based on the specific situation of a single client, such as economic conditions, material resources, etc., through careful and comprehensive inspection, to make the design more scientific and reasonable, more humanistic, and create a warm atmosphere, comfortable environment for clients.


We believe that with a dedicated team, a wide range of design work, a strong sense of style and a sense of community, we can help our clients create and deliver beautiful experiences.


Factories capacity 工厂产能

We are carefully assessing and partnering with reliable and reputable furniture manufactures who has a capability to produce high quality custom made built-in and loose furniture from a huge, medium and small setting. We will conduct series of assessment on every projects we received depending on the project size, criterial and budget and determine the suitable partner who deem fit to perform the job for our clients.


We do not own or operate any carpentry factory that putting us an overhead operation and maintenance cost that the current market place is practicing which ultimately increase the project cost to the end users. All our collaborators/Partners are a skilled Carpenters and Contractors, they have been working with us for uncountable numbers of projects in the past for many years with our Professional Leadership in Project, Quality, Budget and Time Management.


Most of our projects are from the repeated clients who have a full confident with us without a needs to repeat their project requirement again and again to a fresh and new partner who have no guarantee on quality and on-time delivery. Our clients mostly come in to take over the projects when it completed for their operations at the specific agreed dateline.


What's our clients & partners say


- Andreas Reichert

Senior consultant and Project ManagerPaulaner Francise & Consulting , Munich Germany.

As we were looking for a general contractor with sound background as a general contractor in the hospitality industry.


We were fortunate to be introduced to Benjamin Low and his team. I say “fortunate” as the entire process, from the initial meeting with Sundi Wijaya and Adeline Lim, to the daily support and the management on-site by Benjamin Low, were all very positive.

我们很幸运被介绍给 Benjamin Low 和他的团队。我说“幸运”,因为整个过程,从与 Sundi Wijaya 和 Adeline Lim 的初次会面,到 Benjamin Low 的日常支持和现场管理,都非常积极。

I have to say that a construction period of only 9 weeks for a Bräuhaus with 1,200 sqm is a tough job.Benjamin was the perfect fit for such a challenge. They were great to work with. Both were always very responsive and dedicated. Overall everyone we dealt with was extremely professional.

我不得不说,对于 1,200 平方米的现酿啤酒屋来说,仅 9 周的施工期是一项艰巨的工作。本杰明非常适合应对这样的挑战。与他们一起工作很棒。两人总是非常敏感和敬业。总的来说,我们处理的每个人都非常专业。

Benjamin is a first class partner for general contracting. He delivered as promised, including finishing on time. The quality and the overall look and feel are great! I would be pleased to work together with the team on future projects.

Benjamin 是总承包的一流合伙人。他兑现了承诺,包括按时完成。质量和整体外观和感觉都很棒!我很高兴在未来的项目上与团队合作

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We are a Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) registered contractor allowing us to carry out construction projects for public sector with tendering limit of RM3,000,000.00.
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